Organic balloon decor/arrangements is a beautiful style of sculpture and is currently very trendy and highly fashionable for weddings, birthdays etc. This new modern way of balloon decorating is very creative and artistic in a way that allows a range of colour combinations, styles and round latex balloons that vary asymmetrically in size are used, it is very eye catching an so makes it a perfect way of drawing attention to a special area or used as photo backdrops.

Flowers, greenery, confetti balloons, foil balloons etc can also be added to the design to give a more textured look. We have a broad range of balloon colours available to choose from as well as customising colours to make your organic balloon decor look stunning.

We do have large round mesh screens (approx 2m diameter) available in white or gold for hire and looks amazing with balloons attached, makes for a beautiful backdrop for any occasion
A small deposit is required for any frames, greenery/flowers used and remains the property of Lolly Arcade, items hired must be returned as soon as possible.